Official Swedish Scream Team Tour 2019!

Official Swedish Scream Team Tour 2019!

The Hives & Refused

2019 Swedish Scream Team

So the planets align, the people wanted to see it and the people involved wanted to do it. It’s the tour you asked for without knowing you asked for it. The 1992 Olympic Dream Team is no more. Perhaps not quite as good at basketball but much better at screaming, steaming and causing a deliciously devastating racket we give you.

The 2019 Swedish Scream Team!

Loud, brash and undeniably brilliant Swedish hard rock music groups and longtime friends and enemies, The Hives and Refused are going on a US tour with and against each other! The last time they toured was in a different millennia so who knows if or when it will happen again.
Focus on this text: Buy tickets. Go to the show. Get involved. Feel good.

Presale: Thursday, Nov 29 at 10:00am local until 10:00pm local  Presale Code is SCREAMTEAM