Presenting The World’s First World Wide Web World Tour 2021!

Presenting The World’s First World Wide Web World Tour 2021!

Hello Dear Friends!

We have breaking news from Hive Manor!

The Best Live Band On The Planet™, The Hives, present The World’s First World Wide Web World Tour 2021

January 21 Berlin 20:00 CET
January 22 London 8:00pm GMT
January 23 New York 7:00pm ET
January 28 Sydney 9:00pm AEDT
January 29 São Paulo 20:00 BRT
January 30 Stockholm 20:00 CET

First, there was no-knead bread, then came no-wrinkle shirts, and now we witness the birth of the No Travel World Tour!!!

Due to “circumstances”, we have recently found ourselves with a severe rock ‘n’ roll deficit. This will not stand. We are itching to play with you rock ‘n’ rollers worldwide and we don’t want another “intimate livestream” in sweatpants from the living room. Virus or no virus, we are still in show business goddammit!

We want to play to particular places and people, not just to a general “everybody”. We want to go on tour!

So, The World’s First World Wide Web World Tour is born.

On The World’s First World Wide Web World Tour we will play live shows for specific cities, even if it means we play at 6am or some other totally bullshit time for a rock ‘n’ roller. (We’re looking at you, Australia.) All this from a hermetically sealed, virus-safe bunker in Sweden.

The only thing missing is the most important thing: You, the crowd.

We want you involved. To address this:
● You will be able to send in audio messages and they will be played for The Hives in the room in real-time. As if you were in the crowd shouting!
● We will be accepting telephone calls!
● You will vote on a selection of songs we include in the set!
● Bright lights, loud noises!
● We will use crowd noise recorded in the very same city we are playing for.
The New York show will have real New Yorkians cheering and screaming in the background. The Sydney show will have actual Sydneyans, and Berlin bang-on bonafide Berlinus berlinus, and so forth.

You won’t want to miss it. No one has ever done it like this before. It’s a historical first and we hope many artists follow.

See The Hives in your car, living room, kitchen, hut, yurt, bedroom, bathtub, attic, den!
No travel? No shit? No problem!
And too good to be true you ask? Yes! But in all honesty, weren’t The Hives always?


**please note: you can watch any of the live shows from anywhere in the world.